PROTECTOWIRE Confirmed Temperature Initiation (CTI) is a twisted pair of dissimilar spring conductors which are insulated with a heat-sensitive material. This material is designed to soften and allow the conductors to short when exposed to a specific alarm temperature. The dissimilar conductors, when shorted, form a temperature measurement junction called a thermocouple.

Using thermocouple technology, the CTI Linear Heat Detector can distinguish between a short caused by physical damage or a short caused by heat actuation. Dissimilar metal conductors enable the CTI Linear Heat Detector to determine the exact alarm point location as well as the temperature of any short. If the temperature of the short is below the linear heat detecto’s fixed temperature, a short fault or trouble condition is initiated. If the temperature of the short is above the linear heat detector’s fixed temperature, an alarm condition is initiated. Therefore Detector MUST be connected to a CTM-530 interface module.


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