Model PHSC - Protectowire Heat Sensitive Cable

    Protectowire model PHSC series offers various cable jacket materials :
    > EPC Flame Retardant Vinyl jacket
    > XCR Fluoropolymer jacket
    > LSZH Low Smoke Zero Halogen emission jacket
    > XLT Specifically selected for cold storage & freezers

    For the temperature rating, few options available :
    > 135oF (57oC) only for -XLT
    > 155oF (68oC)
    > 172oF (78oC)
    > 190oF (88oC)
    > 220oF (105oC)
    > 280oF (138oC)
    > 356oF (180oC)

    How to order ? Order as PHSC - 123 - abc (-123 : rated temperature and -abc : jacket material). Please remember the unit length is FEET, not in METER.

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    Standard Digital (PHSC)
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