PFS Series Fiber Optic Sensor Cable

    Protectowire PFS Series Fiber Optic Sensor Cable measures temperatures by means of optical fibers functioning as linear sensors. The sensor cable consists of a non-metallic or stainless steel tube with an outside diameter of 1.2 - 1.8 mm. In the tube are two independent color-coded quartz fibers. Depending upon the model selected, the tube is clad with a layer of stainless steel wire or Aramid yarns. The sensor's core is then sheathed in a flame retardant and halogen free jacketing material to a diameter of 4 mm.
    PFS only has two models :
    > PFS-554-FR Protectowire Reinforced Fiber Optic Sensor Cable with Internal SS Braid
    > PFS-654-MF Protectowire Fiber Optic Metal Free Sensor Cable

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    Fiber Optic (System 8000)
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