MIRCOM The FleX-Net™ model FX-4003-12N is designed to meet virtually any application of detection, control, notification, and emergency communications. Features such as fire detection & alarm, audio/voice evacuation, BACnet, Boolean logic, networking and graphical workstation support allow this modular solution to accommodate projects from the simplest systems up to the most complex solutions.

    Designed for peer-to-peer network communications, the FX-4003-12N allows for a maximum of 63 nodes , while providing reliability, flexibility and expandability. Each base panel consists of one intelligent signaling line circuit (SLC) capable of supporting 159 analog Sensors and 159 addr modules. In addition the base panel includes Four Style Z/Y (Class A/B) Notification Appliance Circuits and an easy to read and use , large 4 x 20 back-lit alphanumeric LCD display. The SLC addr loop can be expandable to maximum 8 SLC addressable loops.

    FleX-Net™ FX-4003-12N supports multiple intelligent protocols:
    • MIX-4000 Devices
    • Advanced Protocol (AP)
    • CLIP Protocol (CLIP)

    Main Processor Board with built in Network card interface, Voice Evacuation System Interface, and IP Port for OpenGN Workstation or BMS Integration. Compatible with conventional detectors using DM-1008A Eight Initiating Circuit Module or MGC MIX-4042 Conventional Zone module, refer to document LT-1023 for compatible detectors.

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