SELECT SeriesNEW - Advanced Protocol Addressable Smoke & Heat Detectors

    MIRCOM SelectNEW Series low profile smoke detectors are intelligent addressable plug-in detectors with point ID capability that enables each detector address to be set with rotary address switches providing exact device locations. These detectors are using Advanced Protocol (AP) , a high speed communication protocol that greatly increases the speed of communication between the intelligent devices. This new protocal enables scanning of 159 detectors / 159 modules (318 addresses per SLC loop).

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    Model MIX-2351AP (A)
    UL Intelligent photoelectric smoke detector SELECT series. This model replaces model MIX-2251AP.
    Model MIX-2351RAP (A)
    is a remote test capable detector for use with DNR(W) duct smoke detectors. This model replaces model MIX-2251RAP.
    Model MIX-2351TAP (A)
    is a multi-sensor detector offers either photoelectric detection or thermal detection through electronic thermistors at 135°F (57°C) fixed temperature thermal sensing. This model replaces model MIX-2251TAP.
    Model MIX-2351TIRAP (A)
    The Select Series MIX-2351TIRAP and MIX-2351TIRAPA are intelligent , multi-criteria detectors incorporating photoelectric, thermal & infrared (PTIR) detection principles. The PTIR detector meets both UL 268 7th edition and UL 521 (MIX-2351TIRAP)/ CAN/ ULC S529 Rev 4 and CAN/ULC S530 (MIX-2351TIRAPA) listing requirements. This model is also a replacement of model 2251-COPTIR.
    Model MIX-5351AP (A)
    uses an innovative thermistor sensing circuit to produce 135°F fixed temperature detection in a low profile package. This model replaces model MIX-5251AP.
    Model MIX-5351RAP (A)
    provides both 135°F fixed & rate-of-rise thermal detection. These thermal detectors provide cost effective, intelligent property protection in a variety of applications. This model replaces model MIX-5251RAP.
    Model MIX-5351HAP (A)
    provides 190°F (88°C) fixed temperature detection for high temperature applications. This model replaces model MIX-5251HAP.
    Model MIX-FC351AP (A)
    The MIX-FC351AP is intelligent, multi-criteria detector incorporating photoelectric , thermal , infrared and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection principles that provide both fire and CO detection . The MIX-FC351AP meets both UL 268 7th edition and UL 521 listing requirements for fire detection as well as the UL 2075 standard for system - connected life safety carbon monoxide detection.

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