F1S5-FS56, F1S5-FS42, F1S5-FS LO Flat Spray Sprinklers

Reliable model F1S5-FS56, F1S5-FS42 and F1S5-FS Large Orifice Flat Spray Sprinklers are designed for installation in accordance with CEA 4001 or EN 12845 (Automatic Sprinkler Systems - Design, Installation and Maintenance). The spray pattern created by this sprinkler makes this an excellent choice for applications with lower clearance above the suspended open ceilings and in racks. The Glass Bulb of the sprinkler is 5 mm, a standard response typical. Available temperature rating :

  • 57o C / 135o / Max Ambient 100°F (38°C) : Bulb color Orange
  • 68o C / 155o / Max Ambient 100°F (38°C) : Bulb color Red
  • 79o C / 175o / Max Ambient 150°F (66°C) : Bulb color Yellow
  • 93o C / 200o / Max Ambient 150°F (66°C) : Bulb color Green
  • 141o C / 286o / Max Ambient 225°F (107°C) : Bulb color Blue

Pendent, Pendent with shield.

57 metric (4.2 US), 80 metric (5.6 US), 115 metric (8.0 US)

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