F1-FTR Pilot Line Detector Sprinklers

Reliable model F1-FTR Fixed Temperature Release (FTR) Pilot Line Detector (PLD) is designed to be used on wet or dry pilot line release systems and trigger the operation of deluge systems, non-interlock preaction systems, single interlock and double interlock systems. The FTR incorporates a 2.5 mm glass bulb with a model F1 Sprinkler frame. It is identified as a Fixed Temperature Release (FTR) to differentiate it from a sprinkler. Available temperature rating :

  • 57oC / 135oF / Max Ambient 100°F (38°C) : Bulb color Orange
  • 68oC / 155oF / Max Ambient 100°F (38°C) : Bulb color Red
  • 79oC / 175oF / Max Ambient 150°F (66°C) : Bulb color Yellow
  • 93oC / 200oF / Max Ambient 150°F (66°C) : Bulb color Green

Pendent, Upright.

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